Iranian Community (Aknoon Cultural Center)

About us

The Aknoon Cultural Centre established in 2007 with the help of a few friends creating a library of Farsi books. Creative writing workshop on Monday evenings was a start in which other cultural activities followed.

A provisional executive committee was formed in 2008 in order to organise a suitable constitution and further assess the needs of the growing Iranian community in Hornsby. The first executive committee was elected in 2009 and has continued every year electing five nominated members.


Aknoon Cultural Centre gratefully acknowledge the financial assistance of Hornsby Shire Council through the Community Donations Programme 2011-2013.

Geographic area and population served

The group serves people in the Hornsby shire and neighbouring areas.. In the five years of active service the centre has assisted over two hundred families find their place within the commu.


The main purpose of the Aknoon cultural centre is to create a social network of support. Increase community responsibilities and involvements for the newly arrived immigrants. This is done through cultural activities such as:

  • Family nights A monthly event for all to have a fun night of dance and music. A popular Program to meet others and share experiences for housing, work, schooling etc.
  • Book club. A monthly event in order to keep up with latest works of Iranian and Australian writers.
  • Youth classes. A weekly story reading for under sevens in English and Farsi.
  • Creative writing workshop. A weekly event to present, listen and analyse the members own work in poetry and short stories. Anthology of their work was published by ACC in 2009.
  • Art classes. Courses are offered in drawing, oil painting and mixed media. These courses have attracted the young and the senior members of ACC.
  • Courses in computer skills. Such as desktop publishing or How to create your own website.
  • Theatrical performances. A group of talented and dedicated young Iranians have brought 3 plays onto the stage at ACC in the last 12 months.This has been a very popular event usually being booked out in advance. Rehearsals are held every Tuesday.
  • Hornsby Shire awareness talks. Talks on Australia’s taxation laws, how to prepair for job interviews and how to fill out the census forms for the new immigrants are some examples
  • Library of more than 400 books is used by members as well as non members
  • Persian Calligraphy: Farsi ‘Nastaliq’ learning classes

Board members:

Mrs Talieh Akbari , Director-

Mr Ali Elieen, Secretory-

Mr Ali Asghar Moeini , Treasurer-

Mrs Vida Rahgoui, Publications-

Mr Arman Azadi, Public Officer-