Namaste India Community

About Namaste India Community (NIC)

Namaste India Community is a Not for Profit Organisation was founded in 2009 by Ramu Kanmani, a new immigrant from India along with his friends, Viv and Suresh, who offered their volunteering service to support their community. The Community Services Branch at Hornsby Shire Council recognized the purpose of the community and extended its support.

With the continued support from Hornsby Shire Council and selfless service by its members, Namaste India Community, has grown many fold and now has a structured board and working bee committee organizing community development services and events throughout the year.

Later during the year Namaste India Community also became a member of Multicultural Integration Community Services Inc.

Meaning of Namaste

Namaste is a word in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language that is used as greeting or salutation. namas + te = namaste where Namas is a Sanskrit term for “bow, obedisance , reverential salutation , adoration”; te is the second person singular pronoun in the dative.

Namaste is also poised by bringing together both palms and with a light bow.


  • To promote and exchange Indian cultural values among its members and across other communities to live in harmony.
  • To assist and support Indian immigrants through information, referral services and link service providers with the community.
  • To promote member’s talents and education
  • To become part of the wider Australian Multicultural community


Namaste India Community has actively organised events, promoting and participating in educational and social activities such as First Aid Course for children, Community Leader mentoring, training programs, Indian Community Cricket Match, Celebration Diwali Fair. Recently Namaste India Community has organised the following events:

  • Cricket Match between Hornsby Shire Police and the community
  • Diwali Celebration
  • Family Fun Day
  • Safety Awareness Day organised by Hornsby Shire Police
  • Indian Karaoke Night
  • Indian Henna Tattoo and Cooking workshop

All the events had overwhelming response from its members and were well appreciated. With the interest shown and the support from its members, Namaste Indian Community is poised to organizing more such activities in the future.


Since Namaste India Community is a Not For Profit organisation and it generally charge a meager participating fee to meet some of the event expense. The main sources of funding were through the support received by Hornsby Shire Council and from Grants application. In addition it is now desired to approach various businesses to request for sponsorships to support the events and activities.Namaste India Community requests you and your organisation’s support in any way that best fit for purpose.